mower winter storage tips - fix tire for lawn mower

Mower Winter Storage Tips

Fall is here and soon winter will be. That means that you’ll be using your lawn mower less and less and eventually storing it for the season.  Spending a few moments prepping your lawn mower for storage will make using it in the Spring time much easier. So follow these mower winter storage tips to continue getting the best out of you mower!

If you have any concerns, always consult your owner’s manual.

Before doing any cleaning or maintenance, remove the spark plug lead wire from the plug.

Remove the Battery

Since you won’t be using your lawn mower for the season, it is best to remove it and store it in a cool, dry place. This will increase its life.  Be sure to store it away from gas cans, water heater or furnace, any source of heat flammable material. First, disconnect the battery cable from the battery, starting with the negative cable (a minus sign). Remove the battery and wipe it off with a cloth. Clean the battery terminal using a metal brush.

Clean the Mower

Brush or hose off leaves, grass, and mud from your mower. When you go to use it again in the spring, it’ll cut through like new! To clean the underside, gently tip your walk behind mower on its side and spray. If there debris is caught under the blade use a stick or tool to remove it. Never use your hands!

Use Fuel Stabilizer Correctly

Never leave gas in your tank! The gasoline will sit for 5-6 months and it will stiffen rubber, plastic parts, and any coat linkages. If you’d prefer to keep some gas in the tank, you should be adding a fuel stabilizer. Add the fuel stabilizer according to the package directions and then run the motor for a few minutes. This is an important step because the stabilizer needs to circulate through the carburetor to make sure all the fuel that is left will have the added stabilizer.

Drain the Carburetor Fuel

If you don’t use a fuel stabilizer and decide to drain the gas tank, don’t forget to drain the carburetor fuel bowl! You drain it so the gas won’t deteriorate, gum-up, and damage your carburetor.

Change the Oil

Old used oil contains contaminants that can damage your engine if it sits for those 5-6 months. It also gives you a head start on next spring’s tune-up, ensuring your engine is properly lubricated from the start.

Bonus Tip!

If you don’t want to inflate or fix the tires in the hot summer heat, do so while getting ready to store the mower for the winter! Use the tire gauge to check the pressure. If you want to check for any small holes or punctures, check out our how-to on finding a leak and how to stop it!

mower winter storage tips - fix tire for rv

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