The journey to repair tires can be a long and difficult one or it can be a fast and easy one with Stop & Go products…

We met a nice gentleman and his wife at a motorcycle rally who shared this nightmare with us. They left home early on a Saturday morning with the intention of being away for the weekend. The plan was to overnight somewhere and return Sunday, then go to work Monday morning. When they came out of a restaurant after dinner on Saturday night (300 miles from home), they discovered a roofing nail in the rear tire of their brand new Harley-Davidson Road King.

“That’s no problem, he said to his wife, I belong to H.O.G.”

So he made the call to the nearest H.O.G. representative who showed up and hauled the bike off to the nearest Harley Davidson dealer. You see. H.O.G. folks don’t repair tires, they represent the dealer’s best interest. Now the story gets good… The Harley Davidson dealer is closed on Mondays. So this poor couple stayed at a hotel room near the restaurant on Saturday night. Then waited there until Tuesday morning when the dealer was able to sell them a new tire.

Now you do the math… two nights in a motel, a brand new tire, the labor to install it, and a day’s pay lost. All this because they weren’t prepared with a Stop & Go kit. You see they could have plugged that tubeless tire and re-inflated it on the spot in about 20 minutes.

Browse the range of tire pluggers from Stop and Go that can save you big money! Plus, get you back on the road in minutes.

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