A Tire Leak Is No Fun


A tire leak is relatively easy to find and fixing it with Stop & Go products makes the process even easier.

If the initial inspection doesn’t result in an obvious find of a nail or puncture, the leak can be caused by a pinhole (a very small hole) in the tire tread or sidewall. This will likely require removing the tire from the vehicle. Although, the tire itself might not be the problem. There are two other possibilities: the air valve stem might have a leak and needs to be replaced or the tire bead might not be sealed tightly against the rim. This is a common problem in areas where road salt is used and it leads to the metal surface corroding. The tire bead is the section where the tire meets the wheel.


  • A simple, cost-effective tool to find a leak? Soap and water. You mix some liquid soap with water in a spray bottle and then spray the complete tire. If you don’t have a spray bottle you can simply pour the mixture on the tire. Make sure to cover the tread, sidewalls, the valve stem, its opening with the cap removed, and along the rim on both sides. And soon you will find a spot where bubbles start to form and that’s where your air leak is! The process is easier to do with the wheel off the car, but you might be able to find the leak at least for the front tire by turning the steering wheel to expose the inner sidewall.
  • Another method is to remove the tire and wheel from the vehicle and submerge them into a tub of water. Bubbles will form at the spot of the leak. You can submerge the tire in sections if the tub isn’t big enough for the whole tire. These are the two ways you can find a tire leak!


Pinholes and small punctures in the tread can be plugged or patched using various Stop & Go products. The Tire Plugger can be used to plug tires on Cars, Motorcycles, ATVs, RVs, Scooters, Golf Carts, and Riding Mowers. If you prefer to patch, Stop & Go also has Tubeless Tire Repair Kits for all types of vehicles and Patch Repair Kits for Motorcycles and ATVs. Once the leak has been fixed, inflating the tire is easy with the air compressor included in the Tire Mobility Kit and the Mini-Air Compressor for Motorcycles, Scooters, and ATVs.

Tire replacement is necessary with large punctures and minor damage to the sidewalls or shoulders. On the other hand, leaky valve stems and cores (the tiny valve itself, inside the tube) can be replaced. If the leak is because the wheel isn’t fully seated against the tire, removing the tire with the Bead Buster or the Motorcycle Tire Bead Breaker and applying a bead sealer can stop a leak.

Make sure your tires are ready for the last summer vacation trip on your RV with Stop & Go products! Check tire pressure with a Tire Gauge and keep the Deluxe Model Tire Plugger handy for future flats or leaks!

tire leak - how to fix a flat tire

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