first day of summer

First Day of Summer 2016

Ride to Work Today!

Attention all riders, drivers and adventure-goers! Today is your day to celebrate! It is officially the first day of summer and what better day to ride your motorcycle to work? Winter is over (for those of us who experience winter) and some of you have still yet to uncover and dust off your ride after winter storage. Well, if you have been putting this off for the long list of summer to-do’s, projects or just sheer laziness… make today your day to get your ride out and enjoy life!

We would love to see your images of how you enjoy the first day of summer this year! Please comment or share with us on social via our Stop & Go Facebook at and/or Tweet us @stopngointl to share the joy. One of the best parts about the motorcycle community is the community itself and sharing experiences. Join the conversation and don’t forget to always keep your Stop & Go Pocket Tire Plugger on hand so that you’re always prepared in the event of a flat. This products has received the Motorcycle Riders Club of America Seal of Approval and is highly recommended by fellow riders.

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