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Flat Tires – Statistics & Product Solutions

In the U.S. alone, car tire sales total a whopping $32 Billion Dollars! Of all those tires, there are 7 tire punctures that occur every second which totals to 220 million flat tires every year. According to Wikipedia, “The most common cause of a flat tire is puncturing of the tire by a sharp object, such as a nail, letting air escape.”

Most – if not all – of you reading this have been in this situation at least once, and with statistics like these, it is important to ensure that you are properly prepared for a time that you find yourself with a flat tire on your car or motorcycle.

Our #1 ranked and reliable Stop & Go Tire Plugger Kits and more have gotten countless people out of a dangerous situation, and back out safely on the road. Here are two we recommend. One for your car and one for your motorcycle.

Solutions for your Flat Tire

Tire Mobility Kit for Cars

All the other tire mobility kits on the market have one thing in common: The spray-in tire sealant provides inconsistent results, is used only once, and requires replacement of the tire and TPMS sensor.  This adds unnecessary cost to you!

The Stop & Go Tire Mobility Kit combines an American made air compressor with the award winning Pocket Tire Plugger. This tubeless tire repair system gives you all the necessary hand tools and (15) mushroom shaped rubber plugs to make an effective repair on your car, truck, trailer, SUV, or RV. It’s an ‘on the wheel’ repair for your flat tire.
No dismount is necessary. And no rubber cement is needed!

The mushroom head seals the puncture completely on the inner wall of the tire. The 12-volt air compressor is manufactured from the highest quality components right here in the USA. Also included is the highly respected Accu-gage known as the industry leader in accurate tire pressure readings. It only takes 5-6 minutes to fully inflate your flat tire.

Package Contents

  • Nozzle
  • Tire Plugging Device
  • Probe Tool
  • Reamer/Rasp Tool
  • Allen Wrench
  • (15) Mushroom Plugs (5/16″ diameter shaft x 3/4″ length stem)
  • Retractable Razor Knife
  • Extra Zip Lock Bag
  • Pliers
  • Aluminum 100 psi Air Compressor (Made in the USA)
  • 12-foot power cord with adapter
  • Extension hose with quick release lever
  • In-line 100 psi Accu-gage
  • Clip on valve adapter
  • 2-inch dial with protective gauge guard
  • Push button valve bleeds air to desired pressure
  • Continuous reading until chuck is released
  • Full instructions for repair and inflation
  • 11” x 5.5” x 3” Heavy-Duty Canvas Case
  • Weighs 4 lbs.
  • Ground and Air shipments OK

 fix flat tire - stop & go - best tire inflator

Customer Reviews

1.       Stop & Go Mushrooms

Posted by WOLFMAN SUTTON on 15th May 2015

The stop n go mushrooms are awesome I’ve used them o anything with tires. Its great on the motor cycle small compact easy to carry, on ATVs I’ve even been able to put a second one in when one wouldn’t fill the hole in the tire and even on a sidewall to finish a weekend till i can get a new tire. My truck and trailer go no were without it and the ability to use doesn’t take a lot of strength to use with the gun and very seldom do you have to use the auger to make the hole bigger that usually gets caught in the belts of the tire and is very hard to use thankfully I’ve never had to use with this kit ever and the best part no glue!!!!!!

2.       Good product. Works well.

Posted by Unknown on 30th May 2014

Just received and tried out the Stop & Go tire repair kit for my flat tire. 12v compressor is surprisingly good. Pressure gauge and other items are good quality. It will occupy a permanent place in trunk of my car.

3.       TIRE KIT for my new TESLA

Posted by Robert Finn on 8th Oct 2013

I bought a tire kit for my motorcycle last year and it saved me on a trip out west.
I bought a Tesla (no spare) so I want to be prepared if I have a flat out of town.
The kit fits perfect in the charge cable storage area. Would not leave home
Without the stop go kit. All Tesla owners should have one.

4.       Awesome product

Posted by AL on 28th Dec 2012

I never use the word Awesome. I rode a police motorcycle for 10 years and have used this product numerous times for a flat tire. The ease and quality of the product is amazing (awesome). Much easier than wrestling with your spare tire. Do yourself a favor and put one in each of your vehicles.



Mini-Air Compressor – for Motorcycles, Scooters, & ATV’s only

The new Stop & Go – Portable Mini-Air Compressor measures only 4”x 2” x 6” making it possible to be carried on virtually any motorcycle, scooter or ATV. The built in gauge allows you to observe the increased pressure with a reading up to 50 psi. It also comes with a built-in LED light letting you know that it is receiving power and helps you connect to the tire valve after dark. Your flat tire on your motorcycle will be fully inflated in less than 10 minutes. And with this unit, you also have the ability to inflate sports balls & camping equipment. On the road or in the wilderness you will always have clean outside air available and there’s never a need for replacement parts or re-fills.

Product Contents

  • Compressor unit 12V – 6 amp draw
  • Built in LED light
  • Built in gauge 0- 50 psi.
  • 4” inch tire valve hose
  • 66″ inch power cord fits your battery tender wire
  • 12” inch extension alligator clips
  • 36” inch extension lighter adapter
  • Sports needle adapter
  • Inflatable adapter
  • Complete instructions
  • Rugged zippered carry case
  • Measures 4” x 2” x 6”
  • Weight: 14 oz.


Mini Air Compressor - best tire inflator

Customer Reviews

1.       so far so good

Posted by george martinetti on 27th Jan 2015

riding dual sport both on and off road used to be a compromise as far as tire pressure was concerned. I’ve been using a manual tire pump for the past few years, but at times have been so knackered after off road riding that bringing pressure up to acceptable levels has become quite a chore. plug in and go with the stop and go is a revelation. no more compromise with street pressure because of fatigue. highly recommended for dual sport use.

2.       Stop & Go Mini Air Compressor

Posted by Keith Waters on 20th Jun 2014

I was amazed at the Actual Efficiency of this little wonder! Sure enough, I had a Motorcycle tire that was nearly flat. So, This would be The Test. It Passed! The Gauge is a couple of pounds off, Big Deal.. It works quite well. Just don’t be in a hurry. It Is Mini after all..

3.       Life Saver

Posted by Chuck on 20th Aug 2012

Excellent. Perfect, ease of use!

4.       inexpensive, compact, and it WORKS!

Posted by Matt on 18th Nov 2011

Picked up this compact pump for a recent 4000 mile trip with my wife. Just about every day we were airing down, then airing back up the tires on both our motorcycles for dual-sport use. The stop & go pump worked great, was quiet, and best of all, didn’t take up much room in my panniers and didn’t cost us $100 like some other pumps. I highly recommend this to anyone who doesn’t want to rely on gas stations for air for their flat tire.


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