Methods of Transportation

Residents in small towns have been known to ride trackers or even combines on streets, but this time around golf carts are becoming the popular way to get about.

Illinois has already passed a law that allows golf carts to be driven on local streets due to these small communities passing their own ordinances. Manteno, a town of 9, 500, has seen a steady increase of golf cart registrations. 2015 saw 184 registered carts and 2016, 216. The popularity of golf carts in Manteno has been so much, that they hope to organize a golf cart parade next year.

Driving these carts around in these small towns has given them a sense of a close-knit community. No windows on the carts mean that you’ll be talking to your neighbors on your rides. It’s become a social phenomenon.

There are also safety concerns to be addressed. Golf carts act as much as a regular car but they aren’t held up to the same standards.

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Follow the link to read more about Manteno, how law enforcement feels about them, and the possibility of a parade.

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